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Welcome to London Taekwondo Falcons Holiday Camp. 

For more information see below or register now. 

London Taekwondo Falcons Holiday Camps

Welcome to the London Taekwondo Falcons Holiday Camp at Botwell Leisure Centre. 


This camp will be an integrated Holiday Activity and Food Programme camp, which means if your child is eligible to receive benefits-related free school meal (FSM), then the camp will be absolutely FREE of charge.

For those who are not eligible for the benefits-related free school meal, there will still be an opportunity to join for £30 per day. 

No previous Taekwondo experience is needed to join. 


Indicative Program: 
  • Basic Taekwondo Techniques and Drills

  • Fun Games and Activities

  • Forms and Patterns Practice

  • Team-building Exercises

  • Sparring and Self-Defence Techniques

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Advanced Techniques and Drills

  • Games and Competitions

Facilities and Resources:
  • Spacious indoor training areas.

  • Safety and training equipment will be provided, where needed.

  • Restrooms and water facilities.

  • A healthy school standard meal will be provided every day at the camp. 

Safety Measures:
  • Trained staff and certified instructors.

  • Qualified first-aid personnel on-site.

  • Supervision during all activities.




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