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  • Where are you based?
    We are based in Hayes, Middlesex. We also have associate clubs in Uxbridge, Hounslow, Ealing, Acton, Hammersmith, Harrow and Wembley. Contact us if you have any queries relating our associate clubs.
  • When are the classes?
    Our classes in Hayes are on Thursdays and Saturdays. Please check our timetable for the timings.
  • How do I enrol?
    You can either call or message us on 07886553504 to book your free introductory trial session.
  • Do you offer trial sessions?
    Yes, you can book a FREE trial class on our website. It enables you an opportunity to come and visit the club, see the sessions in person and learn more about Taekwondo and whether it’s a good fit for you.
  • Is there any contract to sign up and if so what is the minimum period?
    No, you don’t sign up for any contract when joining London Taekwondo Falcons and there won’t be any time limits for your membership.
  • How do I pay?
    We charge on a monthly basis and it will be a Direct Debit payment but no contracts, so you can cancel at any time, with a 1 month’s notice.
  • How do cancel my membership?
    Whilst it is sad to see you leaving us, you would do this by sending us a message, we will request your direct debit to be cancelled. Once your payment stops we will be notified and your membership will expire immediately after that. However, as we require a 1-month notice you are welcome and encouraged to continue training during this period.
  • Are you closed during the holidays?
    We are usually open throughout the year except during Christmas/New Year period in December for 2 weeks and bank holidays. From time to time, if the team is participating in domestic and international competitions classes will be cancelled as a result.
  • What do I need to bring to my first session?
    Come to the training session with water, loose-fitting clothes, and a smile. Be prepared – you will have the most fun you have had in years!
  • What is the minimum age to start?
    Ideally, we would recommend 4 years old and over. However, in some cases, we will assess the students that have just turned 4 years old to determine how responsive they are.
  • Do you do any classes for adults?
    Yes, we do! Please check our classes page for more information.
  • Do I need special clothing? And if so how do I purchase one?
    Yes, you will need a uniform and belt and once you become a member you will get your first uniform and belt absolutely FREE! You can purchase extra uniforms and other equipment available at discounted prices for our members ONLY.
  • Do you provide any classes for special needs?
    We welcome everybody regardless of age or condition and aim to take special measures to ensure we accommodate individual needs. As each case and need can vary, we would advise you to call us on 07886553504 to discuss your needs and we will be happy to help.
  • Can my child do sparring?
    Yes, Taekwondo is a full-contact sport and if your goal is to be a fighter we can help and guide you to reach your dream once you start your journey with us.
  • Can my child opt out of full-contact activities during the sessions or competitions?
    While Taekwondo is a full-contact sport, our instructors have made this flexible to be suitable for all, if you are worried about your child being involved in full-contact activities, just talk to us when you are taking your trial session. Additionally, we as a club are very active in competing in the Poomsae (non-contact) discipline of Taekwondo, so there is always something for all our members to continually challenge themselves and have fun when competing.
  • Do you have any female only classes?
    We currently don’t offer any female only classes in Hayes. Our classes are mixed gender but we always have many females who you can be paired with during activities.
  • What are the benefits of Taekwondo?
    Taekwondo is an amazing martial art and sport. Physical training helps to promote all-round fitness and a healthier lifestyle. , Students often notice increased vitality and lower stress as a result of training in Taekwondo. The discipline and character development will also extend to all facets of your life and undoubtedly follow students during the rest of their lives. Finally, at Falcons Taekwondo, we train hard and play hard so there is always camaraderie and team spirit to make some tough sessions more bearable.
  • What will I learn?
    Apart from kicks, punches, strikes, and blocks that make up fundamental exercises, Taekwondo includes forms (prearranged sets of movements that simulate a fight), sparring (step sparring and free sparring), breaking (of boards and tiles), and self-defence. In addition to focusing on all-around physical fitness, high moral standards, character development and discipline are also vital parts of Taekwondo training.
  • Can I just sit and watch the training before I start?
    Yes, absolutely! We welcome prospective students/parents to observe a class before you begin training. You can also take the opportunity to ask the instructor any specific questions you may still have, or even speak to some of the other students.
  • Do I need to be in great shape before I start?
    No, but we can certainly provide the right environment to help you get there! The best thing about Taekwondo is that there is something for everyone, no matter what their natural talent, fitness level or final goal. We do recommend that prospective students with any specific health conditions check with their GP to verify they are healthy enough for the physical activity that Taekwondo entails.
  • Do I need any experience?
    No martial arts experience is required. However, anyone who does have previous martial arts experience is, of course, welcome to join!
  • Who do I contact if I have any complaints?
    If you have any concerns or complaints, it is crucial for us to know so we can help address these accordingly. You can email us at
  • When can I start?
    Right now!!! Click here to book your FREE trial. We look forward to seeing you at training soon.
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