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Our cadets classes aimed for those aged under 13 yrs to help develop and improve levels of concentration, discipline, confidence and self defence.

Benefits Beyond the Dojo: How Our Cadet Classes Improve Concentration, Commitment, and Social Skills

In these classes, children will not only improve their physical fitness through various Taekwondo techniques and drills, but they will also enhance their mental agility, focus, and commitment to their studies.


By learning to control their bodies and minds in the dojo, they can apply these skills to their daily lives, leading to better academic performance and personal growth.

Our cadet classes are a fantastic way for children to enjoy a mentally and physically challenging sport environment and create lifelong friendships.


Students will be encouraged to push themselves to new heights, all while working in a supportive and encouraging group atmosphere.


The Importance of Etiquette and Respect in Taekwondo Training for Young Students

As children begin to understand the practical applications of their learnings, they will also be reminded about the importance of etiquette and respect in the dojo. This emphasis on discipline and respect is a critical component of Taekwondo training and helps instill the tenets of Taekwondo in our young students, such as perseverance, integrity, and self-control.

Discover The Benefits Of Our Cadet Classes:
Fun, Fitness, and Essential Life Skills.

Our cadet classes are an excellent opportunity for children to develop essential life skills while also having fun and staying active.


By joining London Taekwondo Falcons, your child will have access to experienced instructors, a welcoming community of peers, and a safe and supportive training environment.

Don't wait, embark on your child's Taekwondo journey today with a FREE trial session at London Taekwondo Falcons and witness the transformation our classes can bring.

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